4 Best Startups in Bangalore 2020


Tattva is a very beautiful platform offering a fairly interesting range in the home decor and gift segment. Their collection of very beautiful products gives them a different place in the crowd of the gift market. The eagerness to provide service to their clients with very sensibly selected range has kept them on a different level in the gift market for last long time.

Their regular customers know them for their very wide range and the quality is automatically felt in this range.

The future groves of Tattva are looking very strong with their loyal clients. Their exclusive range also gives them a strong chance to stay connected with their loyal customers in a good price range.

Ruby’s Kitchen:

Ruby’s Kitchen is a new startup in the home made food delivery based service segment. This segment is picking up very fast and is already giving good competition to high priced restaurants and hotels due to its taste, quality and hygiene. In this segment, the future of startups like Ruby’s Kitchen is very good because nowadays people have started giving high preference to quality and Hygiene.

Ruby’s Kitchen is very successful in capturing people’s Taste buds with their delicious and hygenic food and they are getting very good reviews. Ruby’s Kitchen is being liked a lot for its North Indian food variety. Right now they are serving only in select areas, but as their dishes are getting popular and the winning hearts of people, the days are not far when they will be serving a large area.

Heal with Herbals :

Nowadays, people are showing their tendency towards the herbal products. A lot of big and well known companies have also come to the market with their range of herbal products. In such a situation, the demand for home made herbal products has also increased significantly in the micro markets, provided their quality is better than canned products.

This seems to be quite a happening startup promoting home made Herbal products. 

In such a situation, Heal with Herbals is serving the East Bangalore region with its quality products in its chemical-free, preservative-free and fairly economical price range. According to them, their products are made from special herbs and completely natural ingredients and which have no side effects. They have a wide range of skin and hair care products available. 

The way this start up is making its place in the market through its high quality products, watching this start up grow in the future is going to be very exciting.

Purvi’s Exclusive Women’s Boutique : 

This is an online creative idea that is trending a lot in the market these days. People’s craze towards online shopping is taking this segment up considerably. Nowadays the competition in this segment has increased a lot and to keep their stores away from the crowd, online store owners need a lot of hard work and experience in understanding of people’s choice.

In such times, Purvi’s Exclusive Women’s Boutique is a very good platform for today’s modern women, where a large range of women ‘s clothing and accessories are easily available. The specialty and exclusivity of this online store is clearly seen in their collection. Their collection is full of very good ideas and captivates the mind instantly.

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