5 Mistakes We Do – Damaging Our Car Costing us Thousand of Rupees

5 Mistakes We Do Which Damages Our Car

Your car is your beloved possession and a big investment, so it’s best practice to keep it in good shape and keep it on the road rather than keeping it in car garages spending thousands of rupees by avoiding small mistakes.

But unknowingly many people make these small mistakes that shorten our car’s life. Let’s take care of our car.

  1. Putting the pedal to the metal

Keep your leg off from your brakes which will make life longer for your brake pads.

  1. Keep it clean

Although it dosen’t affect your car directly, but a clean car attracts lesser wear and tear.

  1. Not scheduling regular check-ups

Just take your car for a regular check up at a good mechanic may be once in a quarter. It dosent cost much but it will increase lifespan for your car for sure.

  1. Being lax on level-checking

Although it is good to take your car for regular check up but leaving totally on professional is also not a good idea. Take out couple of minutes and just check small matters yourselves like – tyre pressure, oil levels & transmission fluids levels. It will keep your car happy in longer run.

  1. Shrugging off symptoms

Any small rattle should not be ignored in the car and catching it at small and initial level will save your thousands of rupees.

Other Small Mistakes We Do :

* Don’t Drive the car with engine too Cold or too Hot

* Don’t ignore Dashboard Warning Signs

* Don’t Shift gear into reverse while rolling forward

* Always fill your fuel tank before it goes completely down to empty

* Never Cruise over potholes & Speed Humps

* Don’t ignore any strange sound from car – it can be a signal

* Don’t defrost glasses with hot water

* Never Use low quality fluid in any part – keep asking your mechanic for the branded one

* Get your car wash from a washing center once in a quarter – from bottom also

* Never drive with low air pressure in tyres

* Avoid driving through water if possible

* Never put brakes too hard 

* Never ever swap Coolant for Water in the radiator even if your mechanic suggests so

* Don’t rest your hand on gear shift rod

* Change cabin air filters regularly (its very cheap and even maruti cars has them)

 Keeping these matters under your eye and including small good habits of driving can increase lifespan of your car.

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