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Laptop Case

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Dynotrek Neo 15.6 inches Laptop chromebook Sleeve case Cover with Charger Pouch -Denim Grey ( 32 N )

Deal Price : ₹ 499.00

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3D HD Screen Magnifier
@ Rs 489
Multi-Purpose Laptop Table
@ Rs 648
Ruff Pad
@ Rs 468
Laptop Stand
@ Rs 449

Tips to upgrade you home and to keep pace with times:

* Always Create Open Space In Your Home in lobby etc – it will give your home a soothing look

  • Lighting plays vital role in look of your place. Always choose lighting accessories with utmost care.
  • Kitchen Cabinetry: Use trendy and good quality Drawer Pulls and Door Handles, this will enhance overall look of home specially if kitchen is open.
  • Update Window decoration with nice color and quality curtains etc. as one see your curtains first while entering any room.
  • If possible Create An Outdoor Room in terrace balcony or in any large balcony etc for a relaxing space which will provide a uber modern look to home.
  • If you have balcony you can try Landscaping if space permits, it will give open touch to the overall look.
  • Use Easy to Install trendy Wallpapers to increase ambience of different spaces in your nest.
  • Spruce-Up Your Bathroom with useful and beautiful shampoo and other stuff managers.
  • When In Doubt about look then Paint the portions of house.
  • Use modular SHOWER HEAD to upgrade bathroom as well as your mood.
  • Install SMART electricity PLUGS to enhance look and for convenience.
  • Use MODULAR SYSTEM to organise open cables and wires.