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8 great reasons to stay at Sobha Dream Acres

  • Beautiful Society: When we start looking for a place or housing society first thing comes to our mind is the feel, ambience, flaura and fauna and that’s where sobha dream acres scores 100 out of hundred. The open space or gardens at sobha dream acres gives a luxurious resort feeling. You will enjoy your evening or morning walk if you are a walker. Also the maintenence of gardens, plants and overall planning of greenery is which you can look upto at sobha dream acres.

People from all walks of life at Sobha Dream Acres (Indicative Pic)
  • Quality Gentry: If you want to stay at a place where your neighbors are of good gentry, sobha dream acres is the residential society to stay at. People from all regions of country are part of the community and that’s what the beauty is. You will enjoy staying here and will make new friends very easily as people are very welcoming.

Many Activities for Kids at Sobha Dream Acres (Indicative Pic)
  • Kids overall Development: If you want your kids to grow in a safe and beautiful society with many amenities for kids then you should surely choose sobha dream acres as your destination. Also your kids will grow making friends from different cultures and regions making them a multi faceted human being. Also there are many startups within the society for kids coaching in different activities. Kids of any age will enjoy staying here as there are lot of things to do inside its beautiful clubhouse and outside as well.

Different Startups at Sobha Dream Acres (Indicative Pic)
  • Startups inside SDA: You will find many successful startups successfully run by enthusiastic and energetic ladies in different fields like food, home products, plants, home decoration, party planners and many more. And almost all are doing very good as customers knows most of the sellers personally and are positively assured about quality, price, products etc. Also these startups also putting lots of efforts and energy in their services and products to keep the customer happy for repeated business. Also startups at sobha dream acres setting up good example of “Atmnirbhar Bharat” and “Stree Shakti” which is very positive for a good society at large. So ultimately you will get most of the services inside Sobha dream acres only making your stay very comfortable. Also you can start your own side business here serving big community if you are a business person by heart.

Sobha Dream Acres Festivals Celebrations (Image Source: Social Media)
  • Festivals celebrations: As we have mentioned above people from different cultures stays at Sobha Dream Acres, so you are going to get feeling of true India here. No matters, you are from which part of India, you are going to get your native people here celebrating their local festivals with utmost enthusiasm. But the real beauty lies where you see people from different parts of country enjoying together and celebrating festivals together of different cultures and regions and participating with real energy. It makes your kids learn about beauty of our multicultural country giving them opportunity to grow in multicultural environment.

High Return on Investment – Sobha Dream Acres
  • High Return on Investment:If you are an investor or if you need to rent your apartment in any scenario like job transfer etc., you will get very good rental value from your sobha dream acres flat as most of the sobha properties remains in high demand among the tenants because of number of factors. Also as demand is very high for SDA flats because of proximity to many IT workplaces, the apartment will not be vacant for long.

Clean Atmosphere around Sobha Dream Acres
  • Clean atmosphere and environment: Not only because of lots of greenery inside premises of sobha dream acres but outside area of society is also having lots of green area which provides pollution free environment for healthy living. Also not many people must have noticed as sobha dream acres balagere area is having a 2 – 3 degrees lesser temperature always in comparison to outer ring road area. And you can feel the same if you are coming from panathur village side. You may feel a sudden breeze or drop in temperature after crossing only 500 meters panathur area. (Amazing no??). This neat and clean ambience with fresh air will make you fall in love to stay at sobha dream acres.

Sobha Dream Acres is well connected to Whitefield | Sarjapura Road | ORR
  • Great connectivity to other areas: No matter where your job place is, either it is Whitefield, sarjapura road, outer ring road or even electronic city. You will be very well connected to these locations by road. There are many more connectivity and road developments are under process which makes sobha dream acres a very nice residential project to stay at.

4 Great Reasons to choose Balagere as location to stay (2020 to 2030):

Great Connectivity The location is very strategically located in between all major and important IT work locations. The most important aspect people consider before choosing property is location’s Connectivity. The balagere as real estate destination scores 100% with that perspective. As IT jobs are highly transferable within the city, so people wants to invest their money at a location from where they can reach most of expected future work places. You are very well connected to Whitefield (ITPL, CATERPILLAR etc.), Sarjapur road tech parks, Outer ring road IT parks (EMC 2, RMZ eco space, prestige tech park etc) if you stays at Balagere.

Good Water Availability

as most parts of bangalore is facing water scarcity issues, story here at balagere is totally different altogether. Water level is very good in the balagere region making it fantastic location to stay.

Presence of all Major amenities

Almost all the major products services and brands are available in balagere region in any given segment like food or groceries, banks etc. which is essential for a easy life. Be it more mega store, branded bakeries and eatries, high class medical facilities, shell petrol bunks, banks etc.Housing societies from A grade developers: If you want to invest your hard earned money in A grade developer project and also want to stay at this very strategic location so you are lucky as this is fantastic combination with that perspective. Developers like Sobha Ltd are developing beautiful properties here with many other few good developers as well.

Pollution free vicinity

As the balagere location is located approx. 2.5 kms away from outer ring road, 4 kms away from sarjapura road and 2 kms away from Whitefield so the green portion of balagere region is still intact making balagere a pollution free and clean environment real estate destination.

Balagere Beautiful Weather Pics

Current issues at Balagere

Slow development work

Although work is going on for different development works assigned to different departments like BBMP, Railways, BWSSB, Lake development etc. but because of issue of coordination among these departments the development work is going at very slow pace affecting Balagere residents. Leaders and authorities have assured to fasten the process and early completion of work.

Huge residential developments

As huge residential societies are under construction in the area, it may cause traffic issues along with water availability. So concerned authorities need to plan and make sure those plans should be implemented in timely manner for the future growth of the balagere region.

High rents

As the location is strategically located, so tenants who are looking for flats on rent in balagere at cheaper rents will not be getting those in good balagere societies. This is perspective of a person who is looking for rental apartments in balagere. But on the other hand this is good for investors and flats owners in balagere or societies like sobha dream acres because of many positive factors belonging to the region and society.

Absence of malls

As the location is home to thousands of families and also easy availability of all daily life needs brands and products, but a big shopping mall is missed sometimes by residents. Although sobha has plans to develop a commercial mall along with sobha dream acres residential development.

Yolo Cycle Services at Bellandur Station (Balagere Road)

Last Mile connectivity Service by YOLO at Balagere Road

Balagere General Development Pics

Balagere Road Construction Old Pics

Balagere to Kundanahalli Road Pics (Under Development)

Kerala Floods 2018- Balagere Citizens Helped Balagere Citizens shown true spirit of India by making huge contributions to Kerala relief operations in the tough times faced by our brothers and sisters in Kerala during floods in year 2018.

Protest at Balagere by Residents (2018)

Balagere Cricket Cricket unites our country – the saying seems true if you go through below pics of cricket happening in Balagere region. Residents of different societies of Balagere use to come at this temp cricket ground near Sobha dream acres marketing office to play cricket. Also this was the meeting point for different societies residents which was very good activity for uniting residents from different Balagere societies like Sobha dream acres, Shekhar and many more.


Sobha Dream Acres

Balagere in a Golden Quadrilateral?

Today again we will talk about Balagere and the problems related to it. As everyone knows, Balagere is home to a very large IT force in East Bangalore and is surrounded by 3 important IT corridors of the country. Even after being in the middle of Outer Ring Road, Whitfield and Sarjapur Road, this location is strange in itself. We are saying this because in 2 km radius of this location, the main IT parks of the country are located which is having a International feel, but just 2 km away from these IT parks, Balagere location seems like a backward village.

However, since 2016-17, about 15000 apartments of developers like Sobha and Prestige have been built here and around 15,000 families have come from different parts of Bangalore to search for their shelter. If you start on a positive node, then this location will grow a lot in the coming time because all the IT work locations are very close from here. But when we look at the situation today, the situation seems to be quite dreadful.

Balagere today shows a great sample of crashed infrastructures. To go from here to any side, you have to go through the terrible problem of traffic jam. And the situation of traffic jam is getting worse day by day. Whether you need to go to Outer Ring Road via Panthur Village or Whitfield via Varthur, the problem of traffic jam is waiting for you like open mouth of demonic.

IT work starts from the Internet and ends on the Internet itself. And here is a strange situation of internet services which is beyond understanding of any normal human being. There is only one service provider here, apart from BSNL, now it is true that some other internet service providers shows their inability to provide services. And arguments in support are given beyond its scope.

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Balagere’s position has not been good about security since 2017 only. Residents of the region have been demanding police patrolling due to different incidents happened. There are about 25 to 30 small and big housing societies in Balagere in which RWAs has been formed. Because these residents comes from educated backgrounds, so they understands their rights and duties well and raise their voice properly from time to time.

From the year 2017, quite a few big promises were published on different platforms by some of the leaders here. Like an international standard stadium. Construction of railway overbridge in Panathur. Street lights, proper drainage system, wide roads, speed breakers (Humps), RUB (additional vents), water logging issues on road creating havoc for residents, storm water drains, police patrolling etc. But today even after 2020 almost all these promises are almost nowhere.

However, it is not the case that everything is in darkness and nothing is happening. Local leaders answers people’s concerns. But whatever is happening, either its speed is very slow or the quality is very poor or it is insufficient according to the needs, which needs to be done correctly and in proper manner, so that Balagere can be really made golden quadrilateral.

About Author : Naveen K is an avid writer on different topics from different walks of life. He likes to write on interesting topics which affects common men’s life in any way. He is also having passion towards wild life photography and Yoda (Meditation).

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